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Video of VO52(HAMSAT)

Due to work and family commitments and the currently inconvenient timing of the passes I really haven’t had a serious attempt at receiving any of the downlinks from the numerous Cubesats launched on the Vega rocket back on Monday February 13.

I have managed to get some faint transmissions from what I believe is Masat-1 which has now been officially designated MagyarSat-OSCAR-72 (MO-72) I have also seen a number of other traces on the waterfall display of the sdr  (using the FUNCube dongle) They are in the correct frequency range and appear and disappear as the cluster of cubesats were predicted as passing overhead.

I have managed to make a video of  a pass of the SSB VO52(HAMSAT) downlink being received by the FCD this morning using just the antenna in the loft.

Operating a camera in one hand and trying to track the signal isn’t that easy, but you get the idea!

I have got a chance this weekend to have a proper attempt at the Vega cubesats.