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I am tired today


I woke up this morning feeling absolutely shattered. I am more tired than I did last night. When I did retire to bed I wasn’t really tired, but as my wife has to get up early to go to work I did it to minimise disturbing her. I did go to sleep but found myself waking several times during the night, thankfully this time it wasn’t due to earthquakes.

Despite my stress levels dropping since becoming semi-retired and having a nice new bed my sleeping patterns are becoming worrying as I seem to be struggling to sleep more and more. I am currently taking Citalopram and a number of side effects are insomnia and other sleep disorders. But I have been taking them for a while now so would have expected any side effects to have shown up before now, perhaps a trip to the GP is called for.

Interestingly I have also noticed that I have started to dream again and have had some rather vivid episodes lately, last night I was being chased across a huge concrete expanse beneath Tower Bridge by a pack of rabid corgis.