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Old Computers

Old Monitors

I finally got around yesterday to throwing out some old junk which has been cluttering up the loft and spare room. A number of old computers and a load of old monitors collected over the past few decades. One of the monitors, an ancient VGA monitor, was manufactured back in 1984!

Took them off to the recycling centre (used to be called the tip) only to be confronted by a worker who suspected me of preforming an unauthorised office clean-out! “Where did that lot come from?” “out my loft!” was my honest reply.

I know I could have sold them at a car-boot or even offered them on freecycle, but it quite frankly not worth the effort given that they are so out of date and absolutely worthless.

I stripped out the RAM, Network cards and any half decent video cards – found a decent PCI one which might be useful for a potential project.