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My mum has just been robbed!

Words cannot express the anger I feel at the moment, my younger brother has just telephoned me apparently my mum has just been robbed!

Details are sketchy at the moment but it seems someone came to the door posing as someone to read the gas meter and then as she opened the door kicked it in sending her flying backwards to land on the stairs and then grabbed her handbag and fled.

Seems this pond scum managed to get away with keys, bank and credit cards and some money. I just hope he overdoses on what ever drugs he buys with it.

My mum used to have a large German Sheppard dog for company who sadly was put to sleep a few years back after suffering an epileptic fit which it wouldn’t come out of. Perhaps I should get her a replacement!


The police are currently with her along with the soco but they are probably just pissing in the wind.