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Fortress Nerdsville – Part 2

Well the next stage of the CCTV system was to install the Zoneminder and thankfully it was fairly straightforward, following the process on the link below

The only tricky part was getting the video capture card to be recognised properly. I am able to monitor the camera pictures remotely via the web but at the moment something isn’t right as I cannot get any ‘events or alarms’ to trigger.

And to add to the frustration a remote server reboot has failed to restart so will have to wait till I get home this evening.

Fortress Nerdsville – Part 1

Last year I purchased a couple of CCTV cameras to monitor around the exterior of my home (not that we live in a hot bed of crime, it is just I couldn’t resist the technology) They were connected to a 4-input video card (from ebay) which came supplied with some pirated and bug-ridden cctv software which ran for a random number of hours on a Windows 2000 installation before crashing the PC!

I swore then that I would investigate the use of a linux solution to create a proper reliable solution that could be monitored remotely. Well this morning I finally got around to swapping the harddisk in my designated PC and have just installed Ubuntu Server

Next step is to install zoneminder