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First week went well

The first week in my new job has gone well, it has been enjoyable and varied and importantly without the politics, everyone respects everyone else and just get on with the job in hand.

I had some slight trepidation, caused by lack of self confidence and the fact I haven’t touched a keyboard to do any serious programming in over 7 months, but I shouldn’t have worried I quickly found my way around and got up to speed pretty well.

New Job

Embedded System
After the best part of 7 months being unemployed I have now secured a new job. It is in embedded system development and seems to offer the interest and mental challenge that was so lacking in my previous job.

Developing hardware and software for embedded systems for a company in the gaming/gambling industry was where I first started back in 1988 after leaving university but with time I gradually moved into the writing the actual games.

Despite this I was able to keep my foot in the door of hardware development and writing the code to make the hardware work, it was always this side I preferred more and it was my nice little niche skill set. Unfortunately that aspect of the work dried up at my previous employer, leaving me an unfulfilled and unappreciated code monkey.

I start working next month and really cannot wait!

Brain fade at my interview

My first proper office

Today I had my first job interview for the best part of 20 years, previously have slid between positions due to insider knowledge and social connections.

Well to be honest I think I made a complete hash of it, I suffered a bit of nerves and had brain fade when asked some fairly simple questions about C++. Shame really as the set up was very similar to the place where I first started working, a couple of guys in an office (some old pictures attached). I am sure if I get/got my feet under the table I will/would have got back up to speed. The project looked interesting too.

My first proper office

I think the main problem I suffer is that I have used C++, but it was a self taught progression from C, no proper training or education just a copy of Teach Yourself C++ in 24 hours or something as useless while trying to complete the next project. So I have an “understanding” of the principals but when it comes to trying to use the proper terminology I struggle.

I really need to sharpen (C#en?) my skills and get out the books and do a bit of coding at home.

Must re-read this!

Back in the jobs market

Well back in January I decided to take a career break for a number of reasons, now feeling refreshed and increasingly hammered by the state of the economy and my growing credit card bill (primarily caused by repairs and increased insurance for our cars, for which I was somewhat to blame) I am now beginning the process of getting back into work.

I have been down the jobcentre (now a plus version) and have started ‘signing on’ – this morning I had to go prove that I had been looking (and applying) for work over the past fortnight. Not sure why but I felt like a criminal or some sort of second class citizen, maybe it was the attitude of my interviewer (it was 9:3oam on a Monday morning)

I have dusted down and refreshed the CV, and over the past couple of weeks I have registered for a number of job search websites, have had numerous contacts from agencies and applied for a number of jobs, as yet I have had little feedback (apparently this wasn’t quite good enough for the jobcentre commandant, but I was let off for being a newbie). Maybe they’ll have me cleaning graffiti soon!

Whist doing some more job related research I found this article on The article mentions the use of an online presence (blogs, social networking etc) to make us oldies (40+) look more employable! (perhaps I need to do something on perhaps not!)

But I did like the little picture that accompanied the story.

Left work today for the last time


Well I unwrapped this present for the last time today (Cartoon from

Over 10 years I have worked at this particular company and today I went home early for the last time. It is a pity there is bitterness on both sides as the “professional relationship” broke down. I know no-one likes their job, but I honestly used to and unfortunately didn’t anymore.

The plan is to reboot, clear my mind of all the garbage it has put up with recently and then decide what I want out life.

All I can say to those still left in purgatory is I wish you the best and hopefully some get what they deserve. Thanks for the bottle of whiskey and the card.


Pastures new, greener grass?


Well I resigned from my current job back in October. I have been in the job for 10 years and have worked with some of the senior management at this and other companies for the best part of 15 years. However “things change” as one of my bosses said this morning. They certainly do!

Come January 31st I will be unemployed and no real idea of what I want to do! I have a brief period in order to reboot and clear my cache and decide what I want to do with the rest of my life.