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Weekend Update

It has been a busy weekend.

Saturday, back to Mill Rescue this time the wife came along and she met Jake and immediately fell in love with him. She took him off for a walk and then I met up with them later with Charlie and Boris in tow. There was a repeat of the nervousness and barking that happened earlier in the week but with a little perseverance they all decided they actually liked each other. The dogs all walked back to the farm together. Boris and Jake seemed to have bonded quite well and Jake got all upset when he didn’t go in the car with him! We could have taken him there and then, but due to Mothering Sunday we were visiting the in-laws and going out for a meal, to expect Jake to cope with this was irresponsible and unfair so Jake had to spend another 24 hours there and is being collected later today.

Did a little bit of shopping too. Got some wallpaper, tools and artex repair so I can finish decorating. Brought some flowers for Sunday and popped into the Old King’s Arms for a quick pint when the wife noticed they were serving Jenning’s Cocker Hoop. The pint was okay, but wasn’t as good as the one I had at the Castle Barge last week.

Sunday, was Mothering Sunday and as usual the commercial money making machine was in full swing, millions of hypocritical children who for the rest of the year make no secret they hate their mother go out and buy overpriced flowers, chocolates and gifts and say “I love you mummy!” This year, as in previous years, we took the wife’s mother out for a meal along with her sister and brother-in-law. Well not much to say but this ‘special mother’s day’ meal was overpriced and in my opinion not very good – wasn’t a patch on the meal we had out the other week.