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Formula 1 Rule Changes – WTF?

So two weeks before the race season starts and the World Motor Sport Council decides to change the rules yet again, the driver with the most wins now gets the F1 title!

Teams have been working to develop cars for the numerous technical rule changes brought in for the new season, strategies for the season have been worked out and that work and investment has probably been dealt a blow.

The old system meant that a team and driver who found themselves consistent but not quite up there with the fastest cars could at keep themselves in contention with lower places, but not now. One strong team and driver and the whole championship could be decided at the half way point.

The BBC have listed past F1 championships that would have had different outcomes with these new rules and apart from last year where Ferrari and Massa lost the championship on the last bend of the last race (with the added embarrassment of the world watching them celebrate prematurely only to then realise they had in fact lost it) you have to go back to 1989 to find one!

So Bernie Eccleston wants more overtaking? Change the rules to allow it! Last year Hamilton and Massa were two drivers who actually tried to overtake and both of them were heavily penalised by over-zealous stewards for racing incidents. Lets not forget many independent observers believe Hamilton was stripped of a vital win in the latter part of last year’s competition.

The FIA and WMSC are are often accused of being pro-Ferrari and the cynic in me can’t help but wonder if the rule change was proposed and adopted for their benefit (at least they didn’t opt for the idiotic Eccleston medals option)

However it might not be quite as clear cut now with the reassurance of the ex-Honda team now re badged Brawn GP who have shocked everyone with their pace during pre-season testing. This coupled with the ban on mid-season testing might give them an edge in the early races.