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Twitterfeed – you are getting on my tits!

Now I am regularly updating my blog I enabled to post to updates to my twitter feed and facebook pages to informed the frankly uninterested masses about my technical perversions.

Well it seems to be broken and unreliable, either doesn’t post or misses off the url so no one can follow the link! – I have been in yet again and changed the settings, hopefully this works!

About Face for FaceBook

Twitter is currently chirping with the news that Facebook have done an abrupt about face concerning the recent changes to their terms and conditions.

Users had complained the new terms of service seemed to suggest Facebook would retain personal data even if someone deleted their account, this included photographs, messages etc. The details of the change are outlined here on

Most users would probably have had a ‘meh’ reaction to the news, most have never read the TOS anyway. However according to “detailed research” 56% wanted the old TOS back and 38 didn’t care didn’t know.

To be honest what do people expect from a free site run by a cocky little oik who may or may not have stolen the idea in the first place which has a long history of controversy and privacy issues?

Do people really have over 200 friends?


We at last count I had 22 friends on Facebook, some are real friends I have known for years, some are acquaintances I’ve made from my dog agility hobby.

I was looking at some profiles of “People you may know” and noticed one person had 223 friends! While I can expect some “celebrities” to have a few thousand, can someone really have over 200 friends? How often can they communicate? Is it just a case of people trying to get a big number for their own esteem?

A quick google of blogs found people boasting of 1000s of friends!

My first observation was made all the more funny as I would have seriously expected the person in question to be able to count his friends on the fingers of one hand!
evil grin