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A Year Ago This Week

Basil at the rescue centre last year

It was a year ago this week that we re-homed Basil, a handsome little terrier dog. Initially things went well but it became obvious he had some behavioural problems. Basil would be loving and relaxed one minute and then would flip for no apparent reason and become aggressive, unfortunately often targeting our old boy Charlie, they both ended up at the vets a number of times to be stitched up and treated.

We gave Basil second, third, fourth, fifth…. chances and went out of our way to modify his behaviour with training and activities but following yet another unprovoked episode in September where both Charlie and my wife got badly bitten, requiring treatment at A&E, we said enough was enough and sadly had Basil put to sleep.

We made the decision following consultation with the rescue centre and our vet we all came to the sad conclusion that his brain really wasn’t quite wired correctly, or his wiring had been damaged by abuse in his past. We were aware that Basil had been re-homed previous to us taking him on and had been returned due to ‘nervous’ aggression, something I witnessed at our very first meeting, but we thought with our active ‘doggy’ orientated lifestyle and experience that we could cure him of it. Sadly we were wrong.

Despite these episodes Basil had some excellent times with us, visiting the Lake District, the North York Moors he’d been on the mountains, fells, moors and beach as well as attending load of agility and other dog shows. He had a big pile of toys he loved to play with, He really was a sweet, handsome little dog unfortunately with this unpredictable Jekyll and Hyde split personality, we loved him to bits and it was a hard, heart-breaking decision to make.

When I racked with grief and remorse I made this small video to remember him by.

Last year was a horrible year as we also lost our two old dogs Toby (in May) and Fred (in October) to old age and illness. Toby was over 17 years old, he had lived with us for 15 years and Fred was 14, living with us for 11 years.

Toby and Fred asleep in happier times.

Since then we have re-homed another dog who was gifted to us by an old friend. Eddie is a lovely Pembrokeshire Corgi puppy who whilst being a full five-generation pedigree has got an overshot top jaw and has developed a wavy long coat which is not in keeping with his ‘breed standard.’ None of this will prevent us giving him love and an active long life.

Eddie just after we re-homed at the end of October

Dog Owners More Likely To Share Germs With Pets By Not Washing Hands Than By Sleeping With Dog

sleeping dogs
As I share a home with three dogs at the moment it is reassuring to read about this piece of research on the ScienceDaily website

(2009-01-30) — Dog owners who sleep with their pet or permit licks on the face are in good company. Surveys show that more than half of owners bond with their pets in these ways. Research done by a veterinarian found that these dog owners are no more likely to share the same strains of E. coli bacteria with their pets than are other dog owners.

It reminds me of a story told by a dog-trainer acquaintance a few years ago, she regularly informed people that she shared her bed with her two ‘large’ dogs. When someone expressed their abject horror at such a “disgusting and unhygienic arrangement” she replied “I don’t see what the problem is I’ve sleep with dirtier men!” – the complainant was apparently utterly lost for words!

Oh and the picture above is not me or the wife!

Basil gets his first rosette!

Boris's Rosette
Before Dog Agility took over our weekends (and pretty much most of our spare time) we used to be active in the Crossbreed and Mongrel Club The CMC was set up by dedicated non-pedigree dog owners who wanted a club that appreciated the uniqueness of their own type of dog and that recognised they are something to be proud of and neither inferior nor superior to pedigrees but equally loving, fun to own and useful in their own right. I created and maintained the original website and also produced the clubs newsletter for many years.

This Sunday we were uncharacteristically free and there was a CMC show on in Tattershall Lincolnshire. So we decided to reacquaint ourselves with old friends and take the dogs out for a bit of fun. Basil the new boy still has many hang-ups and behavioural idiosyncrasies so we thought a bit of socialisation might help him. Last weekend he went to a BAA agility show as a spectator and seemed to enjoy himself.

Central to the CMC is the SCAMPS competition. SCAMPS (Supreme Crossbreed and Mongrel Petdog Show) is held annually where the winners of all ‘SCAMPS’ Heats held around the country that year compete for the title of ‘Crossbreed and Mongrel Club Supreme Champion’. The heats consists of four classes, best dog, best bitch under and over 18 inches in height, the four winners are then judged together to decide on the heat winner.

So anyway, we entered Charlie (handled by the wife, pictured below), Boris (handled by a friend Sue) and Basil (handled by yours truly) in the Best dog under 18 inches class. Charlie won! and to my surprise Basil got 6th (there were about 15 dogs in the heat) Basil was very calm, allowed the judge to examine him without complaint and even made a passable effort to walk around the ring properly (unlike Boris who was a bit of handful for Sue)

Charlie and Ros

Charlie looking pleased with himself
Charlie didn’t get anywhere in the final part of the heat, he is pictured above with the wife (the eagle eyed of you can spot Boris, Basil, Fred and Toby looking on in the back of the Nissan X-Trail in the top left)

The dogs were entered in various classes thoughout the day. Boris got fifth place in “most appealing eyes”, Charlie was second in “best condition coat”, poor old Fred got nothing and Toby spent all day asleep in the back of the car! Charlie and Boris also got places in the fastest recall, Boris impressing everyone by not having someone hold him but sitting and waiting while I walked the 25 yards or so down the course and then recalled him!


Basil at Play

Basil (pictured above) really enjoyed and behaved himself and slept like a log when we got home. He was completely at ease and as you can see he is alert but ignores other dogs including a Rhodesian Ridgeback walking close by in the following videos.

Everyone please meet Basil!

Everyone say hello to Basil!

This is the little rescue dog I have posted about for the last week or so. I collected him yesterday morning and he has settled in rather well. We have decided to call him Basil rather than Jake. He is very nervous and prone to sessions of mania at the moment . The other dogs have accepted him with little complaint that is not to say they don’t have their noses slightly out of joint, they do! Now it is just a matter of patience and letting him and them accept he is here to stay.

It has already been commented on how much he looks like a younger Charlie and just to prove it here is Charlie and Basil together.

some low quality video I captured using my Casio EX-Z120

More videos here

Well we met Jake but it didn’t go too well!

As I posted earlier we popped along to see Jake and he seemed a really nice little friendly dog, unfortunately when it came to meeting Charlie and Boris he turned into a terrible terrier! I think he got a bit nervous, being on the lead didn’t help, and he decided to give Charlie a little nip to his tail! So it was back to the cage for poor old Jake.

We met another sweet little dog Gizmo but I haven’t given up on Jake just yet! We are making a return visit on Saturday so the wife can see him and the plan is to take him for a small walk and meet the boys on neutral ground to see how they get on.

Dog vs Balloons

I have four terrier cross dogs and each of them goes mental for balloons, even our little old 17 year old still gets worked up by them.

Watch this brilliant video kbad73 has posted on youtube of Simon the terrier exacting his revenge on 74 evil latex orbs in a mere 57 seconds!

Oh and the video below shows Simon continuing his noble yet relentless quest to end cardboard balloon infestations. 100 spheres of doom dispatched in a paltry 77 seconds!

I am a dog lover, and share my home with four rescued terrier crosses ranging from 4 years old to 17 years. I am actively involved in the sport of dog agility. You can see some of my efforts on my page.

I just stumbled across the Dog Trust’s photo-sharing community, The site is wonderfully designed with an impressive attention to detail.

The site has just won the social category in the Yahoo Finds of the Year competition, reflecting the best of user generated content on the web. Doggysnaps is the first UK-based website dedicated to dog lovers where they can build profiles for their canine companions, swap dog related tips, photos, stories and ideas.

The judging panel were impressed by the design of the site and especially enjoyed the ‘Dog of the Week’ section. They also liked the fact the site is run by a charity – Dogs Trust. The trust cares for over 14,000 stray and abandoned dogs a year.

Steve Bridger on his nfp2.0 blog has an interesting article discussing the design of the website.

Time to post my four mutts up!