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74% – ok this is starting to worry me now!

Well this “chkdsk /r” has been running since 6:30pm last night, so has been running for 13 hours! When I got out of bed an hour ago it was saying 74%

Just had my usual half an hour of browsing on my standby PC and I switched the KVM back to the suspect machine to check progress and it was saying 55%… wtf! Mind you the drive light was flickering frantically and it started to count up, currently at 72%!

Not sure my nerves can take it anymore, probably finish and find it has decided to format the drive!

HOLD THE PRESS – as I was compiling this post the machine has finished checking the disk, as I suspected it has found and fixed some errors and is in the process of rebooting as I type. Things are looking promising as it just got past the login screen!