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A National Disgrace!

Two prats

Taking a break from housework this afternoon I watched the Budget. That bizarre looking buffoon Alistair Darling acted like a ventriloquists dummy with Gorden Brown sitting by his side as he gave one of the most boring and shortest reports on the economy I have ever heard. Short on any ideas and crucially detail (leaving the pundits and analysts to wade through the redbook for the figures) it was however full of spin, buzzwords and re announcements. Despite this it did little to hide the fact the economy is heading for trouble and the government have done little to prepare for it. It also failed to mention the economy’s potential exposure to the Northern Rock fiasco.

Of course all this will be hidden from the ignorant general public as the media will concentrate on the headline announcements on fuel/car tax (which won’t come in till 2010) the cynical stealth tax on alcohol which will do absolutely nothing to curb binge drinkers and the one-off (curious that the media are neglecting to mention this fact) rise in the OAP fuel allowance and bizarrely the prospect of adopting the Daily Mail’s “Banish The Bag” campaign to reduce plastic bags in landfill.

Opposition leader David Cameron gave a polished if well rehearsed response to the statement but rather than listening to his valid arguments both Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling showed their contempt and disrespect by talking between themselves or to their chums, grinning and gurning throughout both his and indeed Liberal Democrat Clegg’s reply. The BBC budget report microsite contains links to the parlimentary video so you can see for yourself.

If that wasn’t enough Labour frontbencher and Minister for Children Ed Balls acted like a child and heckled through out but was brilliantly put down by Cameron. See Guido Fawke’s site for the video and his crimson red face! He also faced further embarrassment after being accused of shouting ‘so what?’ as Cameron said the public were paying more tax than ever before.

All I can say to the Labour front-bench “You are a disgrace! Get some manners and show respect to your fellow MPs and the public”