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Labour’s on line car crash

As the UK rapidly spirals down the bankruptcy whirlpool I have spent more and more time reading various political blogs and websites to keep abreast of developments that are often unreported by the main stream media.

The majority of successful and engaging blogs and website are pro-conservative, mainly because it is easy in opposition to criticise the party in power. Labour decided to fight back recently with LabourList unfortunately they appear to have picked the wrong man to do the job.

This inciteful article by Jack Thurston outlines the problems with Labour’s online activities and timelines the recent student-union style spates the LabourList editor Derek Draper has had with established bloggers Iain Dale and Guido Fawkes.

Draper really must be on borrowed time after first accusing Dale and Fawkes of racism and then using the very unpolitically correct term “window lickers” to describe Fawkes’ followers.

Back in the jobs market

Well back in January I decided to take a career break for a number of reasons, now feeling refreshed and increasingly hammered by the state of the economy and my growing credit card bill (primarily caused by repairs and increased insurance for our cars, for which I was somewhat to blame) I am now beginning the process of getting back into work.

I have been down the jobcentre (now a plus version) and have started ‘signing on’ – this morning I had to go prove that I had been looking (and applying) for work over the past fortnight. Not sure why but I felt like a criminal or some sort of second class citizen, maybe it was the attitude of my interviewer (it was 9:3oam on a Monday morning)

I have dusted down and refreshed the CV, and over the past couple of weeks I have registered for a number of job search websites, have had numerous contacts from agencies and applied for a number of jobs, as yet I have had little feedback (apparently this wasn’t quite good enough for the jobcentre commandant, but I was let off for being a newbie). Maybe they’ll have me cleaning graffiti soon!

Whist doing some more job related research I found this article on The article mentions the use of an online presence (blogs, social networking etc) to make us oldies (40+) look more employable! (perhaps I need to do something on perhaps not!)

But I did like the little picture that accompanied the story.

Stephen Fry and Social Networking


I would love to be as intelligent and as eloquent as Stephen Fry, his blog and musing on technology are required reading not necessarily because he is right, but because of the way he puts his thoughts down.

Today sees the Guardian posting his thoughts on Social Networking in their Dork Talk column (what a hideous name) and he has repeated the column on his own blog.

He makes the point that so many of the new “Web 2.0” social networking phenomena is based on old practises but with a coat of shiny new technology paint. He also bemoans that these new websites are actively encouraging the segregation of people in to groups that don’t look outside of their own interests, comparing it to the old systems used by AOL and Compuserve that created closed communities and resisted the urge to add the “Internet” access. Those old communities effectively disappeared as the Internet came on line for it to now be replaced by the new kids on the block like MySpace, FaceBook and Bebo.

Interesting article I suggest you read it.

Stephen Darlington posted similar thoughts on his blog back in July.