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Battlestar Galactica is brilliant TV “So Say We All”

Today on the Guardian website is a short and good summation of the TV phenomena known as Battlestar Galactica.

I’ve watched all of the re-imagined BSG episodes since it first appeared on Sky TV back in 2004. After five years this weekend sees everything draw to a close with the broadcast of the final episode.

I won’t go into the brilliance of the series or it’s political and social commentary, you can read that in the review and on wikipedia.

I will comment on how refreshing it is that this science fiction series will actually finish and hopefully complete all the plot arcs and answer all the questions raised. Too often promising series have been cancelled mid season leaving views cheated, or they have been dragged out far too long losing sight of their original vision (X-Files anyone?)

Perhaps we will find out what happened to Boxey? (maybe not)