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The 3am Milkman

Basil continues to accept his new surroundings his nervousness has subsided and has started to interact more with the other dogs. Last night he really dropped his guard and spent the best part of 20 minutes playing tag around the garden with Boris and Charlie, each one taking it in turns to be “it”

His second night proved eventful again as he was woken at 3am by the milkman and started barking and took a while to get settled.

The milkman delivers to one the neighbours, we and most others in the neighbourhood get ours from the supermarkets. I appreciate the tradition and hard work of the driver but why does he have to do it so early in the morning? And why has he traded in his near silent electric milk float for a noisy diesel engined one? Traditionally milk floats are very quiet, suiting operations in residential areas during the early hours of the morning or during the night, the only sound being the rattling and clinking of the bottles in the crates. To make matters worse this milkman has a radio in his cab blaring out.