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  • 22:38 TomTom Support FAIL! – yes I did try turning it off and on! #
  • 10:37 Another day, another pointless response from TomTom support #
  • 12:15 Can’t believe Sky are reporting a 3.7 magnitude earthquake in Cumbria! There are only about 49,000 a year bit.ly/SskU6 #
  • 12:22 at last a RMA from TomTom #
  • 12:52 Should I be worried that Firefox seems to be updated at an alarming rate lately or content that they are fixing security issues quickly? #
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  • 16:40 RT @bengoldacre: "cc all your emails to Jacqui Smith" Day: Labour are now an urgent threat to liberty, they must go. rly.cc/8C5Bo #

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A Successful Agility Weekend

I have decided to give my loyal readers a rest bite from the seemingly endless and pointless ‘Daily Tweet’ posts.

Over the weekend we travelled down to the Newbury Show Ground, complete with caravan to compete at the Working Belgium Shepherd Dog Society Agility Show.

Boris and Charlie excelled themselves and picked up some places, Boris did exceptionally well winning two classes and coming second in another. The classes had nearly 80 dogs and the standard of competition was high.

It has given me a much needed boost to my enthusiasm as I had almost decided over the winter to give up the sport, but when I see how much the dogs enjoy it could I really deprive them of it?

Here are the videos of the runs.