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Brown In The USA

Jon Stewart of The Daily Show pokes fun at Gordon Hope Foot and the Yes We Can Five on their recent US tour.

Describing the Brown-Obama love-in as the classic nerdy white guy and the cool black guy and then showing a clip of Gene Wilder in Silver Streak was inspired

There is a classic line in that scene “We’ll make it past the cops. I just hope we don’t see no Muslims.” Sort of sums up the UK’s foreign policy for the last 6 years.

hat tip to Guido Fawkes

Brown out in the cold?

Seems old Gordon Brown isn’t going to get the photo-opportunity he so desperately desires. It seems the US have cancelled,[2] the classic press conference, you know the one, two world leaders standing side by side surrounded by their flags.

Perhaps the US advisers have seen through the pathetic spin.

Brown claims he is there to save the world again, when everyone knows he is trying to save his own political skin in a transparent attempt to steal some of the ‘Obama Stardust’

Maybe the US are sick to death of Brown not shouldering any responsibility for the state of the UK economy instead blaming them for everything, interestingly it seems he is only going to get 30 minutes of the Messiah’s time anyway.

I have taken some of today’s online news reports and added the mantra that the one-eyed Scottish idiot has spouted for months….

“Gordon Brown has arrived in the US to deliver a ‘clear message’ to Barack Obama that urgent, worldwide action is needed to tackle the economic crisis, THAT STARTED IN AMERICA

“Following an EU summit at the weekend, the prime minister said he would take a ‘clear message’ from European leaders that ‘bold global action’ was needed to tackle the economic crisis, THAT STARTED IN AMERICA

“Gordon Brown will today urge Barack Obama to join forces in a concerted effort to prevent global depression as the first talks between a European leader and the new US president take place against a backdrop of deepening financial chaos, THAT STARTED IN AMERICA.”

“He is the first European leader to visit the President and hopes to use the opportunity to secure a global response to the economic crisis, THAT STARTED IN AMERICA.”